This week, the newspaper “El Periódico Mediterráneo” published an article about our company, our origins and future goals.

In this article we wanted to convey that, although the pandemic has been a crash that has unprecedently impacted the business sector of our country, it has not prevented us from following our dream. We believe that great opportunities can arise from crises and this led us to go ahead and create InnoQubit.

If the pandemic has made another thing clear, it is that companies have to go digital to survive, no matter what. And that’s where we came in, ready to help companies in their digital transformation process with a portfolio of solutions that can be integrated with the main ERPs.

Covering the current digital needs of companies with our software is our main goal, but our vision goes beyond that. At InnoQubit we want to democratize access to quantum computing, hence the nod to cubits in our name. We believe that its real application will allow companies to change and grow exponentially. And to drive this advance, an R&D department is being created to work together with Espaitec and the Jaume I University.

This is InnoQubit and how we want the world to perceive us. Want to read it for yourelf?