In September 2022, the “Crea y Crece” Law was finally approved and published in the BOE. One of the measures to be imposed by this new law will be the obligation to use the B2B electronic invoice, that is, it will be mandatory to use electronic invoices in all the transactions between companies and freelancers in Spain. 

Although the law has already been passed, the technical requirements for billing have not yet been published, but they will most likely coincide with those already established for invoicing through FACeB2B in XML format, since they are the reception channel and format that are currently used for the issuance and receipt of electronic invoices between companies in Spain. Therefore, in this post we are going to focus on this reception portal, its billing features and how we can help you to bill your Spanish customers electronically through it.

How FACeB2B and business-to-business e-invoicing started

In 2015, the  Law for the promotion of electronic invoicing and the creation of the accounting registry of invoices in the Public Sector (Law 25/13) came into force, which made it mandatory to send electronic invoices to customers of the Public Administrations. For this end, this year also saw the creation of FACe and the different regional invoice entry points to enable the different administrations to receive invoices.

However, it was in 2018 when a further step was taken to promote the use of electronic invoices with the  Public Sector Contracts Law (Law 9/2017)  and the creation of FACeB2B as General Point of Entry for Eletronic Invoices between Companies (B2B) Facturae format (XML).

Thus, FACeB2B is an electronic invoice distribution platform that allows sending and receiving electronic invoices between private companies. Therefore, its main objectives are:

  • Facilitating  and promoting the use of electronic invoicing  among companies.
  • Allowing the forwarding of invoices from subcontractors  to the main contractor.

Even though it was possible to invoice electronically through this portal since 2018, it was not mandatory except for contractors or subcontractors of a Public Service contract with invoices over € 5,000.

However, with the Creation and Growth of Companies Law (“Crea y Crece” Law), the mandatory use of electronic invoicing will begin, in phases, among all companies and self-employed workers.

This would imply the  need for an electronic invoicing solution  for issuing and receiving electronic invoices in the Spanish B2B environment.

As stated before, we must wait for the publication of the technical requirements, but they are expected to match the current ones (XML as the structured format for invoices and FACeB2B as the receiving channel).

For this reason,  InnoQubit has developed IQ eSign Facturae so that you can easily invoice your Spanish customers electronically from your own system or receive electronic invoices from your Spanish suppliers.

Why integrate FACeB2B into your ERP with IQ eSign Facturae?

A digitization solution of the invoicing process will allow you to reduce costs and human errors, have the control and traceability of the process and guarantee its legal validity.

Specifically, IQ eSign Facturae allows you to:

  • Issue and digitally sign your invoices in XML format, following Facturae standards, and send these invoices directly to FACeB2B (in addition to other reception portals such as FACe, e-FACT and Osakidetza).
  • Have traceability on the different statuses of invoices (registered, rejected or paid).
  • Custody and store your electronic invoices.
  • Available as a solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and API service that can be integrated into any ERP or other software.
  • If you use the API service, you will be able to generate the XML from your system and only make use of the connectors to any of the 4 portals.

If you are thinking about implementing the Spanish electronic invoicing method in your company, IQ eSign Facturae is the solution for you. Moreover, InnoQubit will always be at your disposal with technical support and customer service.

If you use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, IQ eSign Facturae is certified by AppSource, as it meets all the technical and quality requirements established by Microsoft. Download and try it for free!

If you are a developer and you are interested in using our API service, in this post we detail everything about it, including technical documentation.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need more information.