Qualified Provider of Confidence Services

The figure of the Trusted Third Party is included in the Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, and defines it as a figure that files the declarations of will that make up the electronic contracts and that records the date and time in that such communications have taken place.

Our platform is approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation as Qualified Trusted Electronic Service Providers, since it establishes the appropriate mechanisms to guarantee security in communications, the collection at all times and places of evidence in each of the steps of the process, the records of the application, notification to the participants, opening of the emails, access to the documents, the signing of the same… And it goes on to guard them so that these documents can constitute what is called electronic test.

As a Trusted Third Party, we are obliged to keep all this information for a minimum period of five years, during which time any of the parties may access it if necessary. In the new European Electronic Signature Regulation, known as eIDAS, Trusted Third Parties become, with certain nuances, Trust Service Providers. With all this, we ensure the full legality and security of the procedures carried out, in addition to the custody of the data and the non-alteration of the documents.